Florian Merckx has one of the wildest Ferraris out there: a LaFerrari that's been wrapped in camouflage. We first saw the car earlier this year when it was unveiled in Monaco and even revved its heart out while the Monaco GP festivities were going on. Now, we're getting a different taste of Florian's LaFerrari and it tastes like dirt... but in a good one. Florian recently took his camo LaFerrari out for some extracurricular driving around a factory. All of the roads surrounded the factory were made of dirt, so he had a good time drifting around and kicking up as much dirt as possible. It's not often you see a car as prestigious and rare as the LaFerrari being taken out for wild rides like this one, but we relish it every time. Check it out in the video below and think about how badly this car needed a wash afterward.