The Hoonigans have done it again. With major support from Ford, Gymkhana TEN has destroyed tires around the world. It was uploaded 10 days ago to Amazon Prime, and now it is live on YouTube.

Starting off in Luleå, Sweden, Ken Block takes his 2018 season Ford Fiesta WRC across a frozen lake. Then we get to see an old favorite. The streets of Detroit are decimated by a refreshed version of the Hoonicorn Mustang. RTR updated the AWD Mustang to make 1,400 hp scream through Motor City.

Going south of the border, Guanajuato, Mexico is paralyzed by the Focus RS RX Rallycross car. Drifting though the narrow streets and tunnels from the colonial era are a brilliant blend of Hooning and history. Then it's back to LA where Ken climbs into his favorite machine. His beloved Cosworth lost some rubber along the way, with a few scenes showing steel sparking across the improvised course.

Ken Block's Hoonitruck Secrets Revealed

The grand finale is in Shamrock, Texas. A sleepy town east of Amarillo was besieged by the1977 F-Series Hoonitruck, with flames spewing from the turbos of the Roush-Yates EcoBoost V6. A press release from Hoonigan Racing credits Detroit Speed, Forza, Toyo Tires, Pennzoil, Monster Energy, Can-Am, and the Hoonigran crew who spent over 2 years preparing for the shoot. Tell us your favorite scene and be sure to watch what happens after the credits!