Electric cars are seen by many as the future of the automobile. Battery powered cars have been built with styling that appeals to the typical buyer- until now. In a press release this morning, Automobili Pininfarina has shocked the world. Their electric hypercar was seen by invitation only at Pebble Beach. Their favorable response has allowed the company to move ahead with a limited run of the PF0. Don't confuse the 0 with an O, it stands for zero emissions instead of homologation. The styling house founded by Battista Farina was named "Pinin" or little Farina after his childhood nickname. He and his designers were responsible for almost every Ferrari until recently. But they have also built a few cars for themselves along the way. Battista always wanted to build his own supercar, but it would have ruined the friendship between him and Enzo that began in 1948.
Now they are on the verge of taking on the world. Players like Rimac have scared the big manufacturers, leading Porsche to buy over 10%. Elon Musk revealed that Volkswagen Group was the driving force to take Tesla private, so it seems everyone wants to go electric. [soliloquy id="136528"] The PF0 is a carbon fiber masterpiece that reaches 62 mph in under 2 seconds with a top speed of 250 mph. In normal conditions, you will have a range of 300 miles. That is also the range of my 1985 Corvette, but at 11 mpg I use 26 gallons of premium fuel...Tell us what you think of the PF0 concept, and stay with us for all your Pininfarina news.

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