When you think about Guinness World Records being broken, one of the last things that comes to mind is window tinting. Typically, you see records like the "fastest car," "longest fingernails," "biggest pizza" and literally a book full of other records. Still, that didn't stop XPEL, with the help of SunStoppers, from breaking a Guinness World Record by tinting windows. The record was to tint the most windows in a single business day (eight hours).

(See the video down below!)

The idea for the world record came during the XPEL Dealer Conference. It was at this conference that Jared Guynes, who is responsible for world records like "the largest NERF battle," was a guest speaker. After hearing him talk, Mike Burke, CEO of SunStoppers, approached Ryan Pape, CEO & President of XPEL, and Chris Hardy, NA Regional Rep for XPEL, with the idea of their own world record. His idea was to set the record for the most windows tinted in a day. Immediately, they lept into action and started putting it all together.

After months of planning, coordinating and organizing, the day of the Guinness World Record Tint Challenge had come. They set up shop at Town & Country Ford where there was plenty of PRIME XR PLUS window tint on tap and an endless line of cars ready for installation.

With the honk of a horn, the challenge was underway. The SunStoppers team made the installation of window tint look easy, applying the PRIME XR PLUS window tint to the cars.

Once the final window was complete and the eight-hour day was over, they ran the numbers. In total, 170 cars were tinted, making for a total of 438 windows. That last number doesn't include the small quarter-glass windows, which also had tint applied. With this number, they set the record for the most car windows tinted in a day. Incredible!

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