We've been waiting to see what was behind the cockpit of the new Hennessey Venom F5. The first generation Venom GT used a 7.0-liter Chevrolet LS engine and twin turbos to make 1,244 horsepower and 1,155 lb-ft of torque. It pushed the car to 270 mph at the Shuttle Landing Runway, but they were at the limits of the cast aluminum block and heads.

Watch Hennessey Take Delivery of His New Ford GT

Never satisfied, they have stunned the world today with the 7.6-liter (464 ci) V8 that was unveiled at The Quail. While still based on the Chevrolet's 4th Generation small block, this monster and its heads are milled from a billet of hardened alloy. Something about CNC machine work this precise...it takes our breath away. Backed by Shell and Pennzoil, Hennessey Performance has dropped 1,600 horsepower into a 2,900-pound car. [soliloquy id="136426"] The 9.3 compression ratio is able to run on 93 octane while still offering 1,300 lb-ft of torque at 4,400 rpm. Only 24 examples of the Venom F5 will be produced, each one with a starting price of $1.6 million dollars. The first 15 orders are confirmed, so don't miss out!