BJ Motors, located in Tomball, Texas, is offering a one-of-a-kind Ferrari for sale. If you've ever wanted a car for your collection that's the epitome of aftermarket excellence, look no further.

This was the First Liberty Walk car built in North America, Signed by Wataru Kato. The Liberty Walk Body Kit was installed by Platinum Motor Works in Los Angles. Lowering and raising the car is the custom designed Accuair Suspension with Endo System Stainless Steel Tank and Vair Compressors. This system was designed by Accuair Engineers and installed by Chassis Fab. It was engineered to work with OEM Suspension so as to not lose the performance aspect of the OEM suspension. In the back is a German-engineered Meisterschaft exhaust system with Cat Delete, muffle deletion and test downpipe (Straight Pipe).

The ADV1 Custom Wheels "Circle of Trust"was built specifically for this car and this build. Front of car and mirrors are wrapped in clear protection film was installed by Gulf Coast Auto Shield. The entire car also has Ceramic Pro Protection. 

Liberty Walk was established by Wataru Kato when he was 26 years in his native Nagoya, Japan. "Kato" is a well-known car guru and a pioneer in building custom body kits for Japanese, American and European Exotic vehicles. However, he wanted to expand his local artistry and expand into the US and Global marketplace. In 2013, Kato partnered up with DUB Magazine and shipped two of his creations to be displayed at SEMA, he displayed a 458 Ferrari Italia and a Nissan GTR.  

Jack, the owner of Platinum Motor Works (PML) out of L.A., attended the show and saw an opportunity when he met Kato and saw his widebody works of art and knew at that moment he wanted to build a widebody Liberty Walk Ferrari.  So in 2014 Kato & Platinum Motor Works partnered up and commissioned the creative team at PML to build the first Liberty Walk built locally by a US-based company. The car was unveiled to rave reviews during at the DUB Booth located at the LA Auto Show in 2014 & also made an appearance at the SEMA Show the same year.

Platinum Motor Works (PML) teamed up with several powerhouse manufacturers to make the build happen.

Distributor of German Engineer Exhaust Systems completely removed the factory exhaust and installed a new Meisterschaft system which not only lighten the car by 47 lbs, it increased the factory horsepower
from 570hp to 585hp after tuning it. 

Created a spectacular 3 piece wheel named "Circle of Trust" due to the ring designs that are floating above the lips.

Decided to strip down the Rosso Dino colored 458 Italia to the frame and paint it in a opaque color Gregio Medio, a color that was not chosen often during spec builds, but PML took a leap of faith and painted the entire frame and complete body only to be the trendsetter as now other car manufacturers have created paints to compete with this color scheme.

In 2018 engineers along with master suspension installer and fabricator "Chassis Fab" installed a complete airbag suspension to allow the car to be lifted and lowered without compromising the integrity of the factory suspension performance. The system has a "smart" lift system with auto E-LEVEL and wired Remote Control to adjust height settings. The outcome is a smooth luxurious ride without the notorious "bounce" airbags are know for. Vair compressors along with the ENDO tank from Accuair was used to save space under the lid. 

Charismatic and outgoing, Kato is the perfect spokesperson for his company, and his low and wide show cars are a breathtaking mixture of his past rebellion and present boldness. Liberty Walk is now a globally recognized brand in the Automotive world and commands attention at car shows around the globe like the GENEVA AUTO SHOW in Switzerland, ESSEN MOTOR SHOW in Germany, and Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan to name just a few. Liberty Walk now has distributors around the world in such countries as Canada, Dubai, England, Vietnam, Australia, the USA and continues to grow in popularity and brand worldwide.

You can be a part of the exclusive Liberty Walk family by adding this groundbreaking Ferrari to your collection. Click the button below to see the price and even more incredible images of this one-of-a-kind supercar.

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