If you haven't been watching the progress of the Hoonigans, The Gymkhana Files is Amazon's hottest show. It details the trials and tribulations leading up to Gymkhana 10, including outtakes from their previous films.

Aside from Mr. Block, the real star of the show is the Hoonitruck. Taking inspiration from the Hoonicorn Mustang, this twin-turbo 1977 F150 is All Wheel Drive. But unlike their previous builds, they chose the skilled fabricators at Detroit Speed. Starting with a stock 1977 Ford truck, the body and frame were 3D scanned, leaving only the cab floor and A-pillars original.

Their modular system has revolutionized the aftermarket. Our friends at BLVD customs transformed a 1969 Camaro into a pro-touring masterpiece with their complete system. It uses clevis joints to join each section, which transforms service and replacement from days to minutes.

Doors and bed sides were hammered out of aluminum, and they are replaced with steel when filming. The EcoBoost V6 has the same internal dimensions as the Raptor's production engine, but it uses a Roush-Yates billet block and heads from the LeMans-winning Ford GT.

Ken lost his dad at an early age, and many of his warmest memories revolve around learning to drive in a '77 Ford. We're excited to see what this mean machine is capable of, so Amazon Prime members get ready for the action. If you don't have prime, it will eventually make it to YouTube, so stay with us for all your updates.