Transfomers has been a smashing success at the Box Office, and the latest installment will pay tribute to the original animated series. Instead of a Camaro, our favorite Autobot will be based on a VW Beetle. This isn't a product placement by VW, as they are ending production of the Beetle for the 2019 Model Year. Instead, the film pays homage to the original animated series from the 80's.

The new film is set in 1987 in a small California beach town. Charlie Watson just turned 18 years old and she begins restoring a derelict yellow Beetle. The antagonist is Agent Burns from Sector 7 who is played by our friend John Cena. Peter Cullen has been the voice of Optimus Prime for almost 4 decades, so we're glad he is back in command. The film opens December 20th and we won't spoil the plot, so click the link below to find a VW near you.

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