You might think that writing a letter to Porsche would be like writing to Santa Claus. But Porsche wouldn't be at the top of the automotive world without input from their fans. They are celebrating seven decades north of the border with a new campaign, and this one will make you smile. For one youngster, his letter was answered in an epic way. Christian is 13 years old Candian and his dream car is the new 911 GT2 RS.

2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS Specs, Price, Photos, & Review

He mentioned a future in car design and we see a few of his sketches. You might be surprised at how Porsche responds in their latest YouTube upload, but it shows their dedication to encouraging the next generation. Decades of dreamers have turned from Porsche fans into their loyal employees, so we hope to see Christian at Porsche Design in a decade from now.

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