One of the most popular video games in recent history has been Fortnite. It uses the latest Unreal platform by Epic Games to create lifelike gameplay. The software is so powerful that Porsche has announced a triple-alliance with Epic Games and Nvidia. Automotive News reported that their first video will be seen at the SIGGRAPH IT conference in Vancouver on Monday. "The Speed of Light" features the new Porsche 911 Speedster Concept looking as real as anyone could tell.

Porsche is Celebrating 70 Years With New 911 Speedster

This new way of rendering a car (or anything) in 3D is known as Ray Tracing. It allows the user to move the light source to any point in the virtual realm. Then the car can be moved on all axes to see how light accentuates each curve and seam. This will create realistic shadows and effects never seen before. Nvidia's graphics hardware is among the best in the world, and they supply most of Tesla's processing power.
Plato talked about such works in Sophist back in 360 BC, when a master artist paints two versions of the same object and tries to teach students reality from fiction (simulacra vs simulation).
Porsche is challenging the entire industry by destroying how cars are shown, and the technology will undoubtedly help designers visualize the car before the first mold is made. If you want to experience the latest Porsches in the real world, click the link below and stay with us for all your 911 news.

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