Being from the beach, I'm aware of how tides work: tide goes in, tide goes out. It's all due to the gravitational pull of the moon on Earth's oceans. But it seems the moon's pull almost caused a Range Rover to be swept away into the ocean. In Suffolk, England, the owner of a Range Rover decided to park their SUV next to the shoreline while visiting the shores. Unlike where I'm from in Florida where high tides come up about 3-4 feet, the tides in the UK can rise and fall greatly and can go up as high as 11+ feet. When relaxing on a beach where tides can rush up high, you have to be aware of how the water is moving.

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For the owner of this Range Rover, they apparently didn't get the memo about the tides and left their luxury SUV for Mother Ocean to handle. Once the tide came in, the SUV began to take on water. Luckily, the sand had a tight grip on the wheels, so it stayed put but the salt water damage seemed to have been done. Eventually, the coastguard and workers pulled the SUV out of the ocean's clutches but that's when they began to investigate how the car got stuck there in the first place.