Vector’s founder, Gerald Wiegert, designed and created the Vector Automobile Brand. In 1992, the Vector Avtech WX3 Coupe was introduced at the Geneva Auto Show. In 1993, Mr. Wiegert introduced the technologically advanced, 1,000 HP capable, twin-turbo V8 certified engines for the Vector WX3 Avtech Coupe and Roadster Prototypes at the Geneva International Auto Salon. These two Vector Automobiles were the first vehicles to ever be introduced with twin-turbocharged engines and sequential shifting.

Now, for the first time, these one-off Prototypes are being offered for sale.

[soliloquy slug="vector-avtech-wx3-coupe-for-sale"] In 1993, the Vector Avtech’s WX3 sale prices were projected to be $850,000 each. Today the Vector Coupe and Roadster are conservatively valued at $3.5 million together. [soliloquy slug="vector-avtech-wx3-roadster-for-sale"] On behalf of Mr. Wiegert, potential Vector purchasers are encouraged to contact Mr. Gary Brustein via the listings on (Coupe, Roadster) for specific technical and other relevant information on the Vector WX3-Coupe or the WX3-Roadster. Only serious, credible inquiries from financially capable collectors will be considered.
The Vector Avtech WX3's at their Geneva debut.
Vector Motors Corporation will sign a 12 or 24-month buyback provision on both Vectors with a bonus upside for what was paid by purchaser or exchange for stock in The New Vector Motors Corporation for double what was paid in a sales transaction as these two Vector Prototypes are priceless as related to Vector Legacy and History. Funds from the sale of these two Vectors will be applied towards the all-new Vector WX8 Hypercar Prototype construction that is currently in process.

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