If you're on the edge about your feelings toward the McLaren Senna supercar, I have the perfect video for you. You see, many were taken aback by the aggressive design of the Senna. For me? I absolutely love it because I know that each curve, vent and edge was implemented by McLaren's design team for a reason. That reason being best performance possible. 19Bozzy92 recently uploaded a video of all of the Senna's that showed up for one of the greatest shows in the world: Goodwood Hillclimb. In the video, which you can find right above, you get to see all the Senna's do their things. Their things including burnouts, loud downshifts, revs, burnouts and just straight up fly-bys. It's a sight and sound to behold. Check it out for yourself, but be prepared to be taken aback by the car's overwhelming presence.

2018 McLaren Senna Performance Specs

  • 0-62 mph: 2.8 seconds
  • 0-124 mph: 6.8 seconds
  • 1/4-mile: 9.9 seconds
  • Top speed: 211 mph