If you are reading this, you probably enjoy a healthy exhaust system. Not only does it help your car make more power, but you may also shave some weight in the upgrade. Nobody knows your car like the folks who built it, and that is why McLaren Special Operations developed an upgrade for the 570 series. The Sports Series McLarens are comprised of the 570S, 570S Spider, and the 570GT. Making big power from a 3.8 liter V8 requires the latest in turbo technology. Because the twin turbos are so efficient, they cancel out most of the exhaust sound. After the turbos, all cars must have catalytic converters which kill the sound even more. Because they are so quiet, MSO ditched the mufflers for the SuperSports system. The converters are built in a gorgeous X-pipe, and the entire system is made of titanium. This is as close to running open headers as you will get, legally at least. So if your 570 could use more character, click the link below to find our dealer nearest you.