Why has the Nissan GT-R been in production for 11 years? Because the aftermarket keeps pushing them into uncharted territory. Extreme Turbo Systems is based in Vancouver, Washington and they have unleashed a 3,500 horsepower GT-R on the world. While we don't know the specific details of the build, their video speaks for itself.

Nissan GT-R50 Will Be $1 Million

Most GT-R tuners delete the AWD system to save weight, but at these power levels it doesn't matter. Pushing enough boost to blow the intake pipe off, the dyno shows over 3,000 horsepower to all wheels. This allowed the car to pull a wheelie almost to the 60' mark. The 1/8th mile disappeared in 4.5 seconds at 172 mph. But he stayed on the throttle for a 6.88 @ 222.9 mph.

(Article Originally Published on Aug 1, 2018)

What we have here is a six-cylinder street-legal Nissan that is capable of outrunning many NHRA Pro-Stock record holders. The problem is in downforce, as you see the car get loose on shutdown. Going faster than a NASCAR restrictor-plate car, the driver is lucky it didn't go airborne. Congrats to the team, and click the link below to find your GT-R.

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