Happy Friday to you and yours. The longest day of the week can play havoc on traffic, so Porsche has decided to show us a proper way to leave work. In a YouTube video uploaded this morning, we find ourselves strapped into a 2019 GT3 RS for a hot lap at the Nürburgring. The press release mentions how factory driver Kevin Estre uses the skinny pedal as an on/off switch above 7,000 rpm. That's because the GT3 RS has a linear power curve. We have a 2017 911 GT3 RS for sale downstairs and is powered by the perfect naturally aspirated engine. For 2019, it offers 520 horsepower and 346 lb-ft of torque. An optional Weissach Package includes magnesium wheels and a roll cage of titanium.

Porsche Exclusive 911 GT3 RS is a Black and Gold Gem

Real improvements lie in the solid subframe and motor mounts along with a stiffer chassis. They allowed him to run a lap in 6.56.4. That is faster than the 918 Spyder and any GT3 RS before it. Listen closely and watch the tach for moments when the Porsche temporarily goes airborne. If you don't need the wild aerodynamics and you like audio, the non-RS is perfect for you. Click the link below for your next 911 and have a great weekend.