As one of my hometown heroes, Hurley Haywood is one of the more famous residents of Amelia Island, Florida. One of Porsche's best drivers, he is humble and never shy to sign an autograph or to encourage kids to get into motorsports. As the winner of Daytona in 1973, he had lost track of the winning car until it reappeared at Sebring last year. The owner has completely restored this classic 911 2.7 RS to 1973 specs and allowed Mr. Haywood to get behind the wheel again at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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At this year's Porsche Werks Reunion on Amelia Island, he signed a few copies of his latest book "If My Voice Is Strong Enough To Help One Kid." It tells the story of how a high school student interviewed him for a term paper. Hurley could tell the student was gay, and it prompted him to publicly come out. A call from the boy's mother said Hurley had saved her son's life, accepting who he really was. Everyone in endurance racing knew Hurley was gay, but it didn't matter. Hurley Haywood is (in my humble opinion) the greatest endurance racer of all time. Winning LeMans in 1977, 1983, and 1994 along with serving in Vietnam have made him a veteran in every sense. If you have been looking for a classic 911 Carrera or a top-notch Targa, we have plenty to choose from. Click the link below and stay with us for all your Porsche updates.

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