If you have ever spent any time behind the wheel of a Pagani, you know how addictive perfection can be. As the successor to the incredible Zonda, Horacio Pagani set out to built the world's greatest supercar. Every part, even down to the light switch is captivating. That is because each one is crafted from only the finest in forged aluminum alloys or their proprietary blend of Titanium & Inconel. Other cars might offer a one-piece carbon fiber cockpit, but Pagani patented Carbotanium. This wonder material combines the best properties of each component, by weaving individual carbon strands with microscopic titanium wires. The result is a stronger and lighter material than anything in the automotive industry. It can be produced in any color, even this stunning shade of Blue Argentina. That name is an homage to Horacio Pagani's homeland. The Native Americans of Argentina worship a wind god in the Andes mountains named Huayra-tata, and you should not provoke his wrath.
If you provoke the Huayra, it will unleash 730 twin-turbo horsepower. The V12 engine is built to Pagani's unique specs by Mercedes-AMG. The normal S65 V12 wouldn't work, because Pagani's design of the engine block also serves to add strength to the rear suspension. A seven-speed sequential transmission is controlled by an exposed titanium shifter, itself a work of art. Thanks to 738 lb-ft of torque, it can reach 60 mph in 1st gear in only 2.8 seconds. You can cruise at 238 mph being swaddled by hand-sewn leather and satin-finish controls. No plastic, fake wood veneers, or parts shared with any other car, this is #62 of only 100 produced. It has over $250,000 in options, such as the 5-piece luggage set along with 24k gold as the divider in the 2-tone body. Speaking of the body, every piece of carbotanium is perfectly book-matched down the centerline. This includes the floor pans, hood, roof, and the rear body. Nothing on this car is from an assembly line. It is a combination of the latest in composites, a genius engineer, and master artisans. You'll be able to see this rare supercar at Mecum in Monterey on Saturday, August 25, 2018.

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