If you missed the Porsche booth at the Geneva Motor Show, the Concept Mission E Cross Turismo took everyone by surprise. Just like their cousins at Audi, Porsche is not tip-toeing into the electric car marketplace. They have some kind of battery voodoo hidden in Stuttgart, and it was first unleashed in the form of the 918 Spyder. Aside from being one of the best cars I have driven, it charges remarkably quick. Not just in regeneration mode, the 120v plug from an extension cord seems to whip the HV battery into shape in no time. Porsche knows their owners are not fond of wasting time, so in a Tweet this morning they shocked the world. The Mission E Cross Turismo Concept has a range of 400 kilometers or 248 miles. That's competitive against any electric car on the market. Sure it will need to be plugged in, but will be ready in 15 minutes! Charging a battery that potent so quickly seems harder than shoving a lightning bolt into a time-traveling DeLorean, 1.21 gigawatts! We're sure this level of charging will only happen at Porsche's 3-phase 480v chargers, but it raises the bar for the entire industry.