You and your tires share a close relationship. They keep you safe, but in the world of hypercars, they should be scared of your right foot. New tire day is like Christmas to us because the best way to celebrate the end of an era is to vaporize your old tires. This is an easy task for Rear Wheel Drive cars, but who in their right mind would do it in a Bugatti Veyron? When Bugatti first introduced it, the Veyron's capabilities awed the world. Of course, maintenance would be expensive, but they took it to an obscene level. The most expensive tires ever made could only be mounted to the wheels at the factory in Molshieim. That is because the rubber is glued to the wheels with a special epoxy. For many, this crossed the line between regular service and downright inconvenience. Perhaps that is why the Chiron has a conventional wheel/tire setup.

Fastest Quarter-Mile Production Car

So if you combine the cost of shipping your stock wheels back to France, and buying new wheels & tires in the meantime, you will be $150,000 out of pocket. Daily Driven Exotics came across this situation, and what you are about to see is the most expensive tire destruction ever filmed.

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