If you ever needed to crash through tall buildings, the Lykan Hypersport was seen as a star on the Big Screen. W Motors came out of nowhere to challenge the world, and now they've done it again. In a YouTube upload by Mr. JWW, we've learned the details of W Motors Fenyr Supersport. For the ultimate in power, RUF supplies their 800 hp twin turbo 3.8L flat-six along with a revised Porsche 7-speed PDK. [soliloquy id="134798"] You will have 723 lb-ft of torque and the wildest rear-hinged doors of any production car. To make sure each example is perfect, W Motors has contracted production to Magna-Steyr of Graz, Austria. The same company that has built the Mercedes-Benz G Wagen, E-Class, Aston-Martin Rapide. Much like its predecessor, only 25 cars will be built and each one will have a base price of $1.4 Million. As soon as the concept moves to production you will see it here. Stay with us for all your W Motors updates.

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