On March 24, 2018, Michael Fux posted an image of his green McLaren P1 on his Instagram account. The description read: "I miss my @mclarenauto P1 but I got something real special coming." Well, it looks like we may know what he was talking about.

Michael Fux's New McLaren 720S is a Gem

https://www.instagram.com/p/BlVgNVvFtkR/ Magnus Walker, the Urban Outlaw, recently posted a video of a green McLaren Senna being driven into a private circle drive in the middle of New York, New York. When the car parked, the unmistakable Michael Fux appeared and gave the car a walkaround. Additionally, Hannah Elliott posted a photo on her Instagram story with a picture of the Senna and captioned it with: "First @mclaren Senna delivered now to Michael Fux at Bloomberg." And Fux has also uploaded a video of the car saying it's the "1st McLaren Senna delivered to US." https://www.instagram.com/p/BlVpWVEAA_1/

2018 McLaren Senna Specs

0-62 mph: 2.8 seconds

0-124 mph: 6.8 seconds

1/4-mile: 9.9 seconds

Top speed: 211 mph

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