In the world of hypercars, only one group of owners could respond to a LaFerrari owner with "Cool story bro." That's because members of Ferrari's Corse Clienti spend their weekends on the track, behind the wheel of the Ferrari FXX K. Ferrari's XX series has been the playground of their most wealthy clients. While they are privately owned, the manufacturer handles transport and maintenance on them so that the owners can enjoy tracks around the world without any of the hassles that we common folk might deal with. [soliloquy id="122785"] What began as a program to see just how capable the LaFerrari would be on track, the FXX K prototype made 1,036 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque. Strictly intended as a race car, the V12 engine lost all of its emissions control hardware, and it was fitted with giant camshafts. The hybrid system was also updated, making 188 hp, around 20 more than the LaFerrari.

Ferrari FXX-K EVOs Hit the Track for the 1st Time

As the successor to the 599XX, only 40 cars were built between 2015 and 2017. Each racecar has data and telemetry recorders for the owner, but the data is also reviewed by engineers after the race. After compiling the numbers from the world's most famous tracks, they found a few areas for improvement.

Ferrari 599 GTB For Sale

Innovation never stops in Maranello, so the FXX K Evo was unveiled at Ferrari Finali Mondiali in Florence last year. A host of aero upgrades offer 23% more downforce, which is a whopping 75% more than the LaFerrari. It is also 198 lbs lighter, but they won't tell us how they did it.

Sad: Hard to Watch this Ferrari FXX Evo’s Brutal Crash

The number of changes is clearly evident in the giant rear spoiler and the front splitter. We don't know how many have been produced so far, but seeing three in one place is unreal. But Speedracer 38 was able to capture this footage at Road Atlanta a few weeks back, so prepare to smile. The 599XX Evo is no slouch, and it's great to see these cars together in action. If you think you have what it takes, start practicing in your LaFerrari and stay with us for all your XX action!

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