Germans are not known for wasting space. So when Dr. Porsche was asked to design a "people's car" he decided on a flat four-cylinder engine. The original Volkswagen design is what his son based the Porsche 356 on, and Porsche has used the flat (or Boxer) engine layout ever since. The Boxer name probably comes from how the pistons oppose each other, like the fists of fighters. They have so many advantages that Subaru and other manufacturers have embraced it over the years. The driving public probably doesn't know what lies behind the cockpit of their Porsche 911, so they decided to highlight the top 5 benefits of the design. Instead of a corporate lackey, they turned to the man responsible for perfecting the Porsche engine, Dr. Hans Mezger.

2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T Exhaust Symphony

Mention the Mezger engine to any Porsche owner and they will respond with reverence and respect. As the leader of Porsche's racing engines, he also transformed the LeMans winning six-cylinder into a brutal street machine. The Porsche 911's 997 series (2005 to 2012) is regarded as the pinnacle, with the 911 GT3 RS 4.0. For a modern take, he was joined by Jean Pierre Kraemer, the brains behind JP Performance. These gentlemen know how to extract every ounce of power from a Boxer engine, so tell us your favorite aspect of Porsche's designs below and click the link to find a Porsche 911 for yourself.

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