Subaru fans are probably the most dedicated group when it comes to brand loyalty. They eat, sleep, and dream about dominating every section of a rally. Back in the days of Speedvision, they usually played World Rally Championship races throughout the night.

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It was this fast-paced action that inspired Leh Keen to get into motorsports. He has podium finishes at Watkins Glen and Sebring, racing in Carrera Cup cars for Dempsey Racing and other major teams. But it was his love of rally racing that made him hunt down his dream car. The 2001-2002 season for Subaru will go down in history as making the WRX STi known around the world. ProDrive only built 8 Subarus in 2002, so he had a challenge ahead of him. After a long search, the nicest survivor was found in Ireland. It was converted to right-hand drive, but Leh had to have it. Instead of loading a container, it was strapped to a pallet and loaded into a Delta freight flight to Atlanta. The process to convert it back to left-drive was painstaking, but the ends justify the means. The bug-eyed WRX had a restrictor plate that limited power for its class. After removing it, his car makes 500 lb-ft of torque across the tachometer. VINwiki is a great app that allows you to share your car's history and connect with other enthusiasts like us. Thanks to the team for another great video, and stay with Autofluence for more VINwiki uploads.

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