MINIs are known for their tough attitudes and quick reflexes, a reputation earned over more than 50 years of motorsport history. With a visit to the MINI Driving Experience, located in Thermal, California, you’ll be able to experience those racing attributes firsthand as you climb into a MINI for a day of intense, high-performance driving and stunts. Grab the thick-rimmed steering wheel of a MINI John Cooper Works, step on the gas and push it around tight turns and aggressive maneuvers on our closed course, as professional driving instructors guide you through each section. Go against other drivers in a competitively timed autocross and find out just how much motorsport spirit the MINI has. And feel like you’re in the movies with a literal spin in our Stunt Driving School, where you’ll learn how to J-turn and Reverse Turn on command, just like stunt drivers do.
To end the day, get in the passenger seat for a pulse-pounding hot lap with an instructor, who will push the MINI to limits you’ve only dreamed of. If you don’t have a full day to spend at the track, we offer the MINI Motoring Track Drive: a shot of adrenaline compressed into three hours of MINI action.
Share the MINI’s irrepressible spirit with a team by booking a Group Event. With Internet access, conference rooms and gourmet dining options, the MINI Driving Experience is perfect for using the excitement of track time to form stronger bonds and create lasting memories. You’ll need to recharge after all the intensity, and we’re well equipped with a selection of gourmet meals from well-known Chef Cody Buchholz in our café, complete with coffee bar. Before leaving, visit our gift shop, featuring exclusive MINI items, for a unique memento of speed.
No matter what you choose to do here, you’ll leave with a new appreciation for the mighty MINI and a smile that will stay for weeks. To book a MINI Driving Experience class, call 1-888-345-4269. For more information, click the button below.

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