Let's face it: some cars just sound terrible. Porsche engineers know this, so they decided to tune the 911 Carrera T to sing like nothing else on the road. Going back to basics, the Carrera T uses lightweight parts from the GT series cars along with less insulation. The result is a curb weight of 3,142 lbs if you opt for the manual transmission.

Porsche Unveils the 911 Carrera T: The Lightest 911 Carrera

Engineers in Stuttgart fired up several vintage Porsches to study their exhaust notes. The result is a tuned system that sounds and performs better than anything the aftermarket can offer. A tuned manifold has unequal length tubes coming from each cylinder. This might seem counterintuitive but the length is based on the engine's firing order. each exhaust pulse arrives at the muffler just in time to suck the next one down the pipes.

2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T: Fun Is Not Optional

This scavenging effect offers loads of torque across the RPM range, and smiles per gallon. Starting at only $102,100, this 370 hp 911 is a throwback to cars like the 964 and the 930. Our friends at AutoTop NL seem to get all the hottest cars before they reach the US, so turn up the volume for this HD footage of Porsche's latest achievement. If you are interested, click the link to find our dealer nearest you and tell us what you think of the audio in the comments below.