There's no denying the fact that the McLaren 720S and Tesla Model S P100D are two completely different vehicles. Just by looking at the two, you can see that one is clearly a supercar built for speed while the other is a... sedan. But that sedan hides an electric system that can rocket it from a standstill at supercar-like speeds. Brooks from DragTimes has become a huge hit on YouTube thanks to his drag race videos that typically include his Tesla, McLaren and Ford GT. His latest video involves a P100D and his 720S, both taking on each other at a drag strip. It should be mentioned that because the Tesla is an electric car, its charge percentage does affect its acceleration. In this video, the Model S is holding a 65% charge against a 720S that doesn't rely on a charge, only a gas tank with fuel in it. Check the video below to see the two in action (races start around 3 minutes in).

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