Everyone loves the Ford Raptor because it combines an economical V6 with twin turbos to make great 4WD power. But what happened to the 6.2L V8 from the first generation Raptors? Ford essentially scaled up their modular V8 to build the 6.2L Boss, and it is still an option for Super Duty trucks. While it won't fit in the Mustang, the boat industry has picked up on its durability.

Ken Block Drifts Pikes Peak in 1,400 Horsepower Mustang

When he is not destroying tires in World Rally Cross, Ken Block enjoys wakeboarding. So he turned to Marine Products to build a custom Supra to his specifications. For power, Jack Roush strapped one of his patented RoushCharger on to a marinized 6.2L Raptor V8. Getting a wakeboarder up and keeping them there require massive torque, so this brutal inboard delivers 575 horsepower and 580 lb-ft to a custom designed propeller. It has closed loop cooling for long life and wideband O2 sensors for fuel efficiency. If you need Raptor power on land, click the link below and stay with us for all your Hoonigan updates.

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