Do you prefer to have fun in a street legal supercar? If so, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is for you. It uses a 3.8L flat-six with two healthy turbos to offer 700 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. They dispense with entertainment or insulation along with the AWD system. Our dealers are beginning to receive them if you need a new centerpiece for your collection.

Porsche 919 Hybrid Parades Around NYC

Others like to live dangerously. This is why the Porsche 919 Hybrid exists. It uses a turbocharged 2.0L V4 to power a hybrid battery drive.  With 17 first-place wins and 43 podium finishes, the 919 program proved the veracity of small gas engines combined with the latest in battery technology. But Porsche is retiring this model to make way for their Formula E program. The #919tribute tour has been from Spa to Manhattan and of course, the Nurburgring. If you are curious how the LeMans winner compares with the street legal 911, synchronized their laps of the famous track. The difference in lap times is less than it takes to read this post, so tell us which car you would choose in the comments below.

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