Your average car shopper will look at 4WD or AWD as a benefit. Sending power to all wheels is great for safety and it is fun in the corners. Porsche shocked the world when the 911 arrived with AWD, but they did it out of necessity.

Porsche 911 Ice Ballet: GT2 RS vs 2.5 S/T

The engine in the 911 is actually behind the rear wheels. So when turbos arrived in the 70's, it gave the car a brutal reputation as the "Widowmaker". Porsche engineers chose the biggest turbos on the market. This was before computer control, so it took a few seconds for them to spool up. But when they did, it doubled or tripled the engine's power instantly. This was the cause of wrecks for many drivers who couldn't tame it. Porsche had to go AWD to tame the wild power of the 911. To celebrate this achievement, they celebrated on ice in their latest YouTube upload. The cars speak for themselves, so take a break from your weekend chores and enjoy Porsches in action. If you want to have AWD fun, every 911 turbo since the 964 has had AWD, so click the link below to find your next car.

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