Drag racing and electric cars were once mutually exclusive, but Tesla has changed that forever. Owners of the top-level Model S are endowed with 778 horsepower and 734 lb-ft of torque. However, if you choose to enable Ludicrous Mode, our friends at DragTimes achieved 920 lb-ft and 588 horsepower at all wheels.

Tesla Model S vs Model X Ludicrous Mode Drag Race

More torque than several Nascars is how these silent beasts are able to shame almost any muscle car at the drag strip. We're not sure how many runs the 100kWh battery is capable of, but not having to deal with wheel spin is worth it. If you are wondering why the Camaro SS in the right lane didn't launch, this is Bracket Racing. Each driver races against his best time, and the win goes to the most consistent car. So the Camaro's green light is delayed so both cars will cross the finish line close to each other. Tell us your favorite Tesla story in the comments below and have a great weekend!

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