Ferrari's extreme race car known as the FXX K is the brand's "uncompromised" version of their LaFerrari hypercar. The FXX K produces 1,035 horsepower and more than 664 pound-feet of torque, an 85 horsepower increase over the LaFerrari. But it's not just power, as its aerodynamics are downright incredible. Recently, YouTuber Speedracer38 attended the Ferrari Corse Clienti event at Road Atlanta where he was given the opportunity to drive the FXX K. This chance of his was definitely a rare one, so we all will more than likely not be given the same opportunity. So while we all wait for our chance behind the wheel of the Ferrari FXX K, we can just watch the POV video below of his laps around the track. Joining him at the event were seven Ferrari F1 cars, three FXX K EVOs, FXX Ks, 599XX EVOs and an FXX. What an incredible event!

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