Having something you love ripped away from you and then ripped apart is not an enjoyable event. For one YouTube user, Zahid Khan, this is exactly what happened but that "something" happened to be his prized Ferrari 458 Spider. Khan uploaded a video to YouTube of his 458 Spider being ripped apart after police seized his car. He says in the video's description that the car was crushed" unlawfully" and the video of the destruction was released one year after the fact. The video's description tells a story that's quite complicated regarding the seizing and destruction of the car, and it also proclaims that police went behind his back and had the car destroyed days for a hearing regarding the matter.

A commenter on the video does seem to shed some light on the matter, noting that Ferrari North Europe has been tweeting about the matter (an unverified Twitter account). Apparently, this Twitter account says that "the car was written off, after a previous serious accident. It should never have been allowed back on the road. Police rightfully crushed it." This account also says that the most recent owner "drove it illegally on false plates." There has no official word from Ferrari regarding the matter. However, this looks more like an issue between the insurance company and police, rather than the automaker. For that, West Midlands Police, according to Birminghammail.co.uk, said that the car was crushed because it had no valid insurance and was classified as a Category B vehicle. For those unaware, a Category B vehicle is one that is unroadworthy.

Originally Published on March 20, 2018