Your car was built on an assembly line. An invention of Henry Ford, this moving dance of people and tools allows the automakers to meet the demands of the driving public. But before robotic welders and CNC machine tools, cars like the Pagani Huayra were built one at a time, by master coachbuilders.

A Bugatti Chiron and Pagani Huayra Sold via Bitcoin

When Lexus built the LFA, they invented a new machine to weave its carbon fiber parts. It is a great car, but something is lost in translation when a human is taken out of the process. That is why Horacio Pagani and his team combine the latest in materials with handbuilt precision. Every Pagani wears a body of Carbotanium. He patented the process of infusing titanium into carbon fiber to build the strongest material ever used in an automobile. To show potential buyers the time and effort involved in building the Huayra Roadster, they uploaded a captivating video to YouTube yesterday. We are taken behind the scenes to see each layer laid by hand. Once the resin is applied, the entire body is vacuum-bagged. This ensures the resin completely permeates the fibers before it is fired in the Autoclave. It takes countless hours to mirror image the weave of the carbon down the body's centerline. It is funny to see the head of the Composites Area is Maurizio Ferrari, and that their workers use Snap-On tools. The torque wrench looks more expensive than a nice daily driver! Tell us what you think of their process in the comments below and stay with us for all your Pagani updates.

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