It is sad to know that only a few of Ferrari's hypercars will be driven to their limits. If I had the means, not only would I buy a LaFerrari Aperta, but I would equip it with R-compound tires and head to the Tail of the Dragon. One lucky owner got a chance to enter his car in the Giau Pass Hillclimb, and we applaud him on excellent use of counter-steer.

Wildest Camo LaFerrari Revs Hard (RIP Ears) and Looks Mean

Give me a mountain, and I will delight in using 950 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque to reach the summit. Not only is it Ferrari's most powerful V12 engine, it is combined with the same KERS system used on their F1 cars. In a video uploaded by Powerslide Lover, he chases a high horsepower shifter kart up the mountain. Living up to his name, many of the corners are excellent drifts, making this run slower than the others, but much more enjoyable. If you think you can handle it, click the link below to find one for yourself. The 4th of July might entice you to spin a few for Independence Day, but please drive responsibly and enjoy the day in a responsible manner.

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