YouTube has become a breeding ground for prank videos and many companies have hopped onto the trend. Porsche recently posted a video of a prank of their own. The setup was simple: when people come back to the valet for their car, they're presented with a new Porsche Panamera instead of their own car. From there, the guests can then go for a test drive in the Panamera. Simple enough, right?

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Well, there's a twist. When one gentleman comes to pick up his car, instead of hopping into the back of the Panamera, he gets into the driver's seat. From there, the four-door Porsche rips away and starts pulling off some sideways stunts. This obviously scares the director as he supposedly does not know that the man behind the wheel is actually Jack Ickx, a very accomplished race car driver. Click play below and see the prank for yourself below, and let us know whether you think it's fake or real in the comments below. The massive camera filming the prank doesn't bode well for authenticity.