Gordon Ramsay is a huge Ferrari fan, having purchased many different models from the famous Italian automaker. He's purchased an F12tdf, California T, and even a LaFerrari. Now, he's added yet another Ferrari to his collection, a gorgeous 812 Superfast. Ramsay has always spec'd out his own cars, but for his most recent purchase, he had H.R. Owen configure his new supercar. The result is what Ramsay calls a "stealth bomber" Ferrari 812 Superfast. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bkf7UtSHyeC/?taken-by=hrowenferrari The exterior of Ramsay's new 812 Superfast has a dark green finish that's accentuated by a black stripe that runs up the center of the car. I've never seen an 812 Superfast look like this just yet, but I'm sure glad it exists. https://www.instagram.com/p/BkhzOInHeCa/?taken-by=hrowenferrari Good on you, H.R. Owen, for creating such a marvelous looking Ferrari. Also, thanks are in order for Ramsay for being a Ferrari fan and making this possible.