Something new is being cooked up in Stuttgart. The recipe includes a flat-six engine, carbon fiber, and a heaping helping of horsepower. Model year 2019 will be the Grand Finale for the 991 generation of the Porsche 911. Logically, the next generation car is the 992 chassis, and it appears to be in the final stages of development. We say that because a YouTube video uploaded by Automotive Mike shows a test car wearing almost no camouflage. Although it doesn't really need to, because the 911 has stayed true to its heritage since the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1963. The motor pool is a week of hot laps at the Nurburgring. It is a chance for Teutonic Test machines to be pushed to their limits. As such, we see Audis along with a Bugatti Chiron testing alongside other models in the VW Group's portfolio. As their most expensive model, the Turbo S Cabriolet is easily identified by the large intakes and the chin spoiler. Most of the significant changes will be under the skin so it will be interesting to see how they surpass the incredible chassis of the current series. Our guess is more composites and perhaps a spaceframe instead of the unibody. But as soon as we have more details, you will see them first here on Autofluence.

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