Our local WWE champion is at it again. Aside from being an incredible wrestler, John Cena knows a thing or two about exotic cars. After finding a loophole in his Ford GT contract, he might be considering a new McLaren. But not just any model will do. The 675LT was a proper sendoff for the first generation of their Super Series. While work was underway on the 720S, McLaren built 500 cars in homage to the 1996 F1 GTR Long Tail. It was this dominating aerodynamic advantage that made the F1 essentially unbeatable on the track.

Ford Suing John Cena for Selling his Ford GT

While most of the body resembles the 650S Coupe, the 675 LT weighs in 200 lbs lighter. Thanks to fixed Recaro racing seats, plexiglass, and a few other tricks it is lighter and more powerful than anything before or since. The engine makes an evil 666 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. I have driven them both, and I prefer the sound of the 3.8-liter engine over the new 4.0 liter found in the 720S. Something about the firing order and instant boost makes for a fun ride. Don't get me wrong, the 720S is a great car, but you feel the engine being held back by the computer to make the car acceptable as a daily driver. Click the link below to browse our listings for the 675 LT and stay with us for more John Cena Autogeek updates.

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