Lexani Motorcars knows the Cadillac Escalade so well and it shows with each luxury conversion they create that's based on the SUV. Their latest creation is the "Concept Two," a heavily customized Escalade that sees its length increased by 30-inches. Inside is a private cabin replete with luxurious amenities and plush seating. For passengers resting in the comfortable seats, they're provided with additional headroom thanks to the raised roof. But the Concept Two is more than a bigger and better take on the Escalade, as Lexani Motorcars installed a number of pleasantries that make riding in the car an experience unlike any other. Retracting writing tables make the Concept Two perfect for business that's on the go, while the private bar is ideal for those relaxing rides after a long day. There's also a TV installed, as well as a visual touch screen system and much more. For those looking for additional protection, Lexani Motorcars offers optional security outfitting and armoring.