If you want to experience the best Japan has to offer, your vacation must include being chauffeured in a Toyota Century. You won't find this massive sedan in many other spots around the world. That is because Toyota has built it for Japan's ruling class since 1967.

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Because they devote so much time an effort into each example, a new version was not needed for the past 21 years. The first Toyota Century was built in 1967 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Sakichi Toyoda, who named his company Toyota to appeal to a world market. And just like that car, the 3rd generation Century spares no expense. [soliloquy id="133376"] Pricing (without options) starts at 19,600,000 yen, or just over $ 178,750. You will receive a hand-built sedan powered by a 5.0L Hybrid V8. It has combined horsepower of 425 and maximum torque of 596 lb-ft. Only 50 examples will be built each month, mostly because many of the details are finished by hand. [soliloquy id="133389"] It does not share any parts with Lexus or other Toyota models, and we are not allowed to own it. This is the car that scares the Yakuza and makes German luxury hard to sell in Japan. The closest we will ever get is the Lexus LS, so click the link below to find one near you and stay with us for all your Toyota news.

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