The married couple and superstar duo have teamed up to become "The Carters" for their debut album "Everything In Love." Released as a surprise the many, fans of the two have become infatuated with the album and the first music video to come from the album, "APESH*T." This new music video takes place in the Louvre, with the two being flanked by some of the most famous paintings. However, at one point during the video, a very recognizable SUV makes an appearance. Funny thing is, this SUV is from an automaker that's really not known for off-road vehicles, Lamborghini.


Lamborghini's LM002 is an SUV that not many have heard of, but those who know of it know its importance in the Italian automaker's lineage. That's why seeing the SUV, which is not as glamorous as other Lamborghini models, is quite striking. Even Lamborghini's official Instagram account shouted out about the LM002's appearance (see above). You can view the music video below for yourself.