If you use the sunrise as your alarm clock, this month's Cars & Coffee was the earliest of the year. The Summer Solstice is Thursday, so we knew our fans would be up earlier than usual. We had a few secrets waiting for everyone, and it turned out to be record attendance (aside from Davis Island).
5:30 AM- Bring It
The first car to arrive Saturday morning was held safely inside a hauler from Reliable Carriers. We waited until a few fans arrived to unload it. Our newest dealer is Gulf Coast Motorworks, and they drove 7 exotics up Friday night and their crew found a hotel nearby. Imagine seeing this convoy on the interstate!

Gallery by @sapphire_5.0

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Of course, we couldn't do this without our local dealers so we would like to thank Mercedes-Benz of Tampa, Reeves Import Motorcars, Crown Eurocars, Dimmitt Rolls-Royce, McLaren Tampa Bay, Ferrari Tampa Bay, Ferman BMW, and all of their salespeople who get up extra early to join us. We all like fast cars, but this is not a place to show off your horsepower. So thanks to Sheriff Gualtieri for keeping the peace. Peace at a car show is hard to have with happy 4-legged friends. Although our email and Facebook page clearly states our policy, we can't allow pets on this property. Everything from Alligator to Zebra is forbidden, this event is for humans and vehicles only.

The culmination of the morning came with the unloading of a very significant car. McLaren only built 375 examples of their P1 hypercar. If you were lucky enough to purchase one, they also gave you an opportunity to purchase a race-ready P1 GTR. Only 40 examples were handbuilt by McLaren Special Operations. The GTR is 110 lbs lighter and they offer 986 horsepower.

Gallery by C12Productions

[soliloquy id="133078"] In my humble opinion, it is the best looking way to reach 225 mph. It took us all by surprise, as this is not only the first production GTR, it is the first Street-legal example (only a handful were legalized). It needs a new home, so we placed it next to our Grigio Titanio LaFerrari. If you want both of them, we will make you a deal for $11,000,000.