If you didn't have an RC car as a kid you missed out on some major fun. For one Dutch computer engineer, he decided to relive his childhood by building his own remote control car. But instead of starting with a kit or a model car, he decided to use a black 2006 Corvette. One of my previous rides was a 2007 Corvette Indy Pace Car, so I was intrigued at how he managed to automate a mostly analog machine. Bjorn Harms was inspired by Doc Brown's remote-controlled DeLorean in Back to the Future. It took him a year just to build the controller. After 3 months of bench testing, it took another 3 months to make it safe. This includes a dead-man switch, so if the car loses connection with the controller it hits the brakes. He values the RC system at 3,500 Euros and the car at 30,000, which translates to $39,500. It is for sale to help fund his next build, or you can find a more affordable Chevrolet Corvette in the link below and do it yourself.

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