It has been under a year since McLaren 720S deliveries have started, but we're already starting to see tuning companies bring their work to the supercar. One such example of this is a 720S that was featured on DragTimes latest video. This specific 720S features a tune from DME, downpipes and new exhaust. The result is the quickest 720S that's been recorded on the drag strip.

McLaren 720S vs 720 HP Nissan GT-R

In the video below, we see a stock 720S run a 1/4-mile time of 9.92 @ 140.94 mph. Then, the tuned example goes for a run, only to be held back a little bit. After getting it all together, it ran the strip in 9.59 @ 145 mph, making it the quickest 1/4-mile time for a McLaren 720s that we know of. Click below to see the car's rocket-like launch!

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