As a Porsche Werks driver, Mark Webber was a brilliant racer in the World Endurance Championship. As the director of Porsche's GT program, Andeas Preuninger knows how to find horsepower in the most unlikely of places. So in a YouTube video uploaded this morning, these two discuss the finer points of the 991.2 GT3 RS. Compared to the 2016 (991.1) model, they deleted every last piece of insulation for a gain of over 6 lbs. To make the engine more robust, the diameter of the crank was increased, and it is fully cross-drilled to keep the rod bearings happy.

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This was done to tune out new harmonics caused by the elimination of hydraulic lifters. That's right, Porsche is going old-school with a solid lifter valvetrain. Not only do they sound amazing it allows the 346 lb-ft of torque to arrive at lower rpm. Without the oil pump having to support 12 lifters, drag was reduced on the accessory drive. This unlocked 20 horsepower and it offers a great acoustical symphony.  Andreas is correct in saying these are the sounds we love, even the pebbles hitting the carbon fiber inner fenders are useful info to the driver. Of course, if you want all the specs, click the link below and stay with us for all your Porsche 911 updates.

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