Back in the day during prohibition, smugglers needed that extra bit of power in order to run away from the police. For that, their cars were powered by big V8 engines that would provide them with the necessary amount of horsepower and torque. Heck, the roots of NASCAR trace all the way back to those same bootleggers racing each other to see who was the quickest.

Top Gear Picks 7 Finalists for "Performance Car of the Year"

Now, in 2018, prohibition has been gone for quite a while and alcohol doesn't need to be smuggled in. Still, V8 engined-cars still exist and they come in many different kinds of cars. To showcase this, Top Gear's first episode in upcoming Season 25 takes the trio with taking V8 cars on a blitz to escape the police. A V8 engine may be under the hood of these cars, but a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, Jaguar F-Type and McLaren 570S are much different than the souped-up V8 of the bootlegging days. Also, they aren't outrunning any normal police officer. For that role, they chose the sideways madman known as Ken Block. Check out the preview below and get ready for Top Gear Season 25 to start on February 25 (Sunday).