The Ferrari F355 on sale in 1998 was a major part of the lineup from 1995 to 1998. It replaced the 348 as the mid-engine V8 model, and it was the last Ferrari to offer manual steering. Automotive technology was advancing by leaps and bounds, so 1997 saw the first F1 single-clutch automatic transmission. The engine was a mechanical wonder, is the first use of 5-valve cylinder heads. Titanium rods pushed the compression ratio to 11:1, and all models featured dry-sump oiling.

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The last Ferrari to use a steel frame, the suspension was mounted to a tubular steel frame that was welded to the unibody. Other neat features are that the Connolly leather seats are not equal on the car's centerline. The driver's seat is placed closer to the center of the car. This eliminates g-forces on the body while the passenger is subjected to a wild ride. Nothing else looks like it because it is the last Ferrari to have a flying buttress quarter-window. The convertible was the F355 Spider, and it started at $137,000
What began as the F355 coupe spawned a series of successful offspring. The coupe had a solid roof, while the F355 Berlinetta had a removable targa top. Both had a starting price of $130,000, which is just over $214,000 today. So let's take a trip back to 1998. Two decades ago, Titanic won best picture and terrorism was over with. The Unabomber and the world trade center bomber were convicted, so people spent big money on fast cars.
These cars are just two examples from our August '98 issue. Looking back through these late 90's issues, it is weird to see which dealers embraced the internet and those who are no longer around. We were the first online resource for exotic cars for sale, and we're still #1.
All self-promotion aside, if you are a child of the 90s, you need something tangible from that decade to remind you how far Ferrari has evolved. Enzo would have been 100 years old in February of 1998, so let's see what his legacy has to offer:

1998 F355 Spider


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1998 F355 Targa

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