Sometimes, automakers get carried away when testing. That's probably what happened with Rolls-Royce was measuring the sounds of the Dawn. In my humble opinion, the Wraith and Dawn earn top honors for eliminating the noise of an urban Florida setting.

Michael Fux’s Custom Rolls-Royce “Dawn in Fuxia”, Inspired by a Flower

To test even the slightest acoustical emission from their cars, Rolls-Royce has a giant anechoic chamber. This is a room surrounded by the same nose-absorbing tiles as a music studio. So a few jazz-inspired engineers decided to allow the Dawn to make its own soundtrack.

Rolls-Royce Unveils the Dawn Black Badge Before Goodwood

From the door locks to the umbrella, every sound is rewarding. That's because there are no expenses spared when engineering or building these cars. Even the soundtrack of the Big V12 is carefully managed by the exhaust. Even this footage barely conveys the quality of the Dawn. So click the link below and schedule a test drive, you won't be disappointed.

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